Driving without a License in Petersburg Virginia

Traffic offense about the driving without having a valid license can entail some serious consequences. The code of Virginia Section 46.2-300 prohibits a person from driving a motor vehicle on the road without obtaining a valid driving license. The charges of driving without a license in Petersburg Virginia depend upon the intensity of the offense, that is, if you are charged for the first time, it will be regarded as a Class 2 misdemeanor, which subsequently turns into a Class 1 misdemeanor upon additional offenses. The former carries six months of a jail sentence and a monetary fine of $1000, while the latter encompasses 12 months of imprisonment along with a fine of $2,500.

If you are charged with this very offense, your reputation will be maligned as well as your driving rights will be lost for a certain period. In Petersburg, traffic laws are considered as stringent, and the local authorities are always vigilant to make certain full obedience to the laws. They seem very aggressive in traffic-related cases that the offender finds himself unable to defend his case on his own once you are charged with driving without a license in Petersburg Virginia. Therefore, you must contact a traffic lawyer to defend your case in a stronger way.

A Virginia traffic lawyer is the one who has years of professional experience in dealing with traffic-related cases and defending their client before the judge in such a way that the judgment comes in their clients’ favor. They are conscious that many people are falsely charged with a traffic offense, and normal charges are intentionally exceeded to intensify the conviction. In this circumstance, support of a traffic lawyer can help you defend your case in a legal manner in case you have been found driving without a license in Petersburg Virginia.

The lawyers are always committed to helping their clients to pursue justice. They also make them learn basic traffic laws of the state to avoid any violation in future. Other than this, you are also able to recover your license and continue enjoying your driving privilege. However, defending a case on your own may not guarantee the decisive judgment in your favor because the police investigate aggressively and you surely need a lawyer to counter such investigations. Since the lawyers are well versed in comprehending the laws and understanding the court proceedings, he will assist you and guide you how to should take forth your case.

Driving without a license in Petersburg Virginia is not uncommon. Those who become the first time offenders of this charge are unaware how severe the offense is and how long it takes to abandon the case. Therefore, you must immediately approach an honest traffic lawyer to dismiss your case as soon as possible and continue enjoying your driving privilege. If you possess previous record of being charged for multiple times, the lawyer will advocate on your behalf and reduce the period of imprisonment to much extent. Ultimately, assistance of a traffic lawyer for driving without a license in Petersburg Virginia will give you the chance to get the charges dismissed against you and you may be able to protect your reputation.