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White Collar Defense, Drug, Gun, Sex Allegations,  Immigration Violations

When defending criminal offenses in Virginia, the stakes are high. An offense can result in very harsh penalties.  You can be charged with an offense and investigated by the FBI, DEA, ICE, IRS, or any number of other agencies including the Park Police if you are charged with a crime on government property. Federal crime is an activity that has been criminalized by the US Congress. Our attorneys know how serious the penalties can be for a person accused of a penal violation such as lengthy jail sentences and fines called for by the guidelines.

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If you have been accused with a misconduct such as:

  • Drugs
  • Fraudulent marriage
  • White collar
  • Guns
  • Wire transfer insurance
  • Computer

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You need to know that when you are in Virginia or any state in the US, you may get in any trouble. If you break the state law, the state prosecutors will commence the trial against you. In such cases, you will need a lawyer who knows the state laws. In some cases, you may be facing charges for committing a crime not against the state but the country. These are the federal crimes, and the US government will put charges against you. A federal criminal lawyer is a person who handles the defense of a person who is facing charges of breaking federal laws. This offense does not only violate the state laws but also the United States Code. In such cases, if you are facing federal charges, you should seek help from a federal lawyer. A local lawyer will not help you at all. You should know that conviction in a deferral court will result in a severe punishment as compared to the local court. For your best defense against the charges you face, you should take help from federal lawyers Virginia. These are the experts in federal laws and crimes.

Why you need a federal criminal lawyer?

The conviction rates of the federal courts are more or higher than the state courts. The reason is that highly specialized government agencies conduct the investigation. The FBI and the DEA will conduct the investigation in case of a federal crime. It is a serious problem and to rectify the problem you need a highly expert lawyer.

If you want to make sure that there are no charges against you or you do not face any federal punishment you should take help from a federal lawyer. A federal criminal defense attorney will successfully dismiss charges against you. He will help uncover the wrongful information against you and prove that you are not guilty.

Our expert federal criminal defense attorneys at the law group have a high rate of success for defending the people facing federal criminal charges. Our lawyers have the capability to challenge the federal investigators. Our lawyers are experts at handling investigations from IRS (Internal Revenue Services), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and many other agencies. The federal lawyers Virginia at law group will surely get you out of the troubles that you face.

Our expertise there at the law group have been practicing all sorts of law and criminal cases for many years. Our expertise includes solving all types of federal criminal cases. So, if you need help you can hire one of our federal criminal defence’s lawyers. We take the case personally and dig deep. It is our priority to save our clients from federal punishments. You will be glad to hire us. We only entrust you with the best attorneys for your cases.